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Greg f4a9dae250 Update to latest Clang AST spec. 5 months ago
Greg 0bc23404da Doc updates. 1 year ago
Greg 1704be1cbc Remove a stray debugging statement. 1 year ago
Greg 8b3a956bbe Comprehensive update, add some GC fixes, update examples to new MacOS 1 year ago
Greg acc8cab583 Fix various memory management bugs in GC mode. 2 years ago
Greg b5773b5525 Make GC mode the default. 2 years ago
Greg 4aa1211d73 Complete working GC mode. 2 years ago
Greg c8209dd260 Interim commit. 2 years ago
Greg e5c8e114bf Add garbage collection memory mangement mode (gogc). Lots of fixes 2 years ago
Greg 79bb282188 Complete conversion to pointer wrapped types. Update tests, fix 2 years ago
Greg ac9eecafd8 Convert all Go wrapped objects to pointers so the Go GC can track 2 years ago
Greg b0139b9aa8 Bug fixes and clean up how methods are added to an interface from 2 years ago
Greg 9a4fabda24 Run gofmt -w on everything. Add 'gogc' option to use Go garbage 2 years ago
Greg d0654613ea Documentation updates. 2 years ago
Greg 90166a4379 Bug fixes. Read availability attributes when adding interfaces and 2 years ago
Greg 50b9387a91 Add frameworkdirs: directive to allow the user to point to directories 2 years ago
Greg f93a893060 Bug fix in Objective-C method signature parsing. 2 years ago
Greg 773886e0f1 Complete unit tests for nswrap/types. 2 years ago
Greg a251e7382e Improve test coverage. 2 years ago
Greg d8552bcf9d Use strict unmarshal for configuration file, to detect typos in 2 years ago
Greg 4f0cdf4d1a Some AST tweaks and add astfile: config option to read AST from a file 2 years ago
Greg a7df3a4e71 Enable -fobjc-arc for AST generation when arc=true in nswrap.yaml. 2 years ago
Greg e29ae58a9c Add experimental "arc" directive to nswrap.yaml to experiment 2 years ago
Greg 5a5a4f9406 AST tweaks and new tests. 2 years ago
Greg 96edbba641 Documentation updates. 2 years ago
Greg 8ce3b6a6de Remove dependencies, improve documentation. 2 years ago
Greg 370a2eb604 Package name tweaks. 2 years ago
Greg 9230222634 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.wow.st/gmp/nswrap 2 years ago
gmp a94969338b Move main command to the main package directory. 2 years ago
gmp 7bcd25bb05 Move main command to the main package directory. 2 years ago
Greg a2d0f9bc4f Change domain name in package path. 2 years ago
Greg 749fd503dd Add README.md and LICENSE. 2 years ago
Greg 2f4d76c6af Better handling of slice size vs. capacity in pointers to pointers. 2 years ago
Greg 840a055a11 Clean up variadic functions and methods. 2 years ago
Greg 1cc0f0e26a Handle pointers to pointers as Go slices. 2 years ago
Greg 86b27e6c42 Simplify polymorphic implementation, bug fix to variadic functions. 2 years ago
Greg 154a2fac14 Disambiguate all class and instance method names. 2 years ago
Greg d086c0fdfe Intermediate commit to work on polymorphic method handling. 2 years ago
Greg 86ff14b533 A few small fixes. 2 years ago
Greg 34fbcec965 Subclasses can have new methods in addition to overriding existing 2 years ago
Greg 38c7856b89 Bug fix and start improvements to subclassing. 2 years ago
Greg a616761475 Change Go types to plain structs instead of pointers to structs. 2 years ago
Greg 4f6930002d First draft that handles subclasses and improvements to delegate 2 years ago
Greg 8de87cddb7 Performance improvements (do not parse addresses or locations unless 3 years ago
Greg 49fd749fe3 Use C.GoBytes() in examples/bluetooth. 3 years ago
Greg 2fe435f137 Bug fix: delete exports.go if it is not needed. 3 years ago
Greg dcb7105fca Complete the Delegates wrapper. Disambiguate polymorphic methods. 3 years ago
Greg 0de9249e6a Update .gitignore. 3 years ago
Greg e7e2c2c7b6 Begin moving the bluetooth example to the new delegates system. 3 years ago
Greg 44b3b75e23 Complete implementation of delegates. Update app example with an 3 years ago