A simple heart rate monitor
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An example heart rate monitor app for Android and MacOS using git.wow.st/gmp/ble and Gio.

The MacOS implementation uses a Core Bluetooth binding created by NSWrap. On Android, Martijn van Welie's Blessed library is used to simplify access to the Bluetooth Low-Energy hardware.


git clone https://git.wow.st/gmp/hrm
cd hrm/hrm
go build


The gogio command from gioui.org/cmd/gogio must be installed to build an Android APK.

git clone https://git.wow.st/gmp/hrm
cd hrm/hrm
gogio -target android .
adb install -r hrm.apk

The compiled Java code for the Android implementation is pre-packaged in jar files. If you want to, you can re-compile these dependencies by running go generate from the depjars directory. You will need to have gradle, an Android SDK, and who knows what else installed on your machine.